Thanks for your patience……..we are pleased advise our 2017 memberships and renewals are now able to be processed.

We have transferred over to Ridernet, this system is to linked Motorcycling NSW and the same system MNSW licencing is completed. You login using your exiting Ridernet Login Number.

For Family memberships – Once you start the process for first member, the 2nd screen will then allow you to link all other family members  – you will also need all their Ridernet Numbers and add them as partner or child it doesn’t matter which one is used. Note The address details need to match all family members ie if you have “Road” on one profile and “Rd”on the other it wont link till you amend them to be the same, it will advise a message if this is the case “Address details don’t match please amend”.

Please use below link

2017 Membership/Renewals

Payment is via credit or debit card only and will be processed instantly once your renewal is completed. (Note there is a surcharge of approx. $1.90 per membership)


Single – $50

Family – $60

Any issues please email our 

We will also being utilising this system for event registration and payment for Minikhana and Dirt X events – Watch this space for more info