2018 Points

2018 Minikhana and DirtX Points

DIRT X 2018 Points

Dirt X Round Points

DirtX RND 1 Race Results v2

DirtX RND 2 Race Results v1

DirtX RND 3 Race Results v1

DirtX RND 4 Race Results v2

DirtX RND 5 Race Results

DirtX RND 6 Race Results

DirtX RND 7 Race Results

DirtX RND 8 Race Results


Dirt X Series Points

DirtX Series Points 2018 v2

Series Points will be announced at End of Year presentation

Dirt X Laptimes

DirtX RND 1 Oakdale Laptimes v2

DirtX RND 2 Lakes Laptimes

DirtX RND 3 Bathurst Laptimes

DirtX RND4 Dargle Lap Times v1

DirtX RND5 Maitland Lap Times

DirtX RND6 Kembla Lap Times

DirtX RND7 Cessnock Lap Times

DirtX RND8 Nowra Lap Times


Any queries or errors with scoring please email events@bhjmtc.com.au.

Queries will close on the 10/7/2018 and any amendments will be made after this date. Final results will be confirmed and updated changes posted.


Minikhana Round Points

2018 Minikhana Round 1 Points

2018 Minikhana Round 2 Points

2018 Minikhana Round 3 Points

2018 Minikhana Round 4 Points

2018 Minikhana Round 5 Points

2018 Minikhana Round 6 Points

2018 Minikhana Round 7 Points

2018 Minikhana Round 8 Points

Minikhana Series Points

2018 Minikhana Series Points Rd 1

2018 Minikhana Series Points Rd 2 – 3

2018 Minikhana Series Points Rd 4

2018 Minikhana Series Points Rd 6

2018 Minikhana Series Points Rd 7

2018 Minikhana Series Points Rd 8



Transponders will register your bike as you cross the finish line after each lap and final lap, Bikes will be given placing’s on transponder output. This is checked to manual score sheets.

In the event of transponders failing or not working scoring will revert to the manual scorers where there are three scorers who write down the riders numbers in order as they go over the finish line. The score sheets are then tallied up by another scorer.This scorer can ONLY SCORE WHAT IS RECORDED ON THE SCORE SHEET by 3 scorers.

Each rider must complete 50% of the race ie if it’s a 4 lap race they must cross the finish line at least twice to qualify for points. If they do not complete the race they will be scored as DNF. Points are allocated as per the MoMs.

It is important that the number on the rider’s bike is able to be seen clearly. This may mean increasing the size of the numbers on the bike or ensuring the number is on your back, either your jersey or body armour.

Please remember that we are all volunteers, we are human and sometimes mistakes can be made. If you have a discrepancy then you can email your enquiry to the club for further investigation.


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