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BHJMTC is a club run by parents for their kids. BHJMTC has developed into one of NSW’s top clubs with well over 300 registered riders.

The club follows the strict guidelines set down by the sports governing bodies Motorcycling NSW and Motorcycling Australia to allow a safe riding environment for the Members. The club provides three main streams of riding and competition, Training days and practice days with coaches from top training organisations, Minikhana for juniors only, and a mixed discipline multi venue series, DirtX for both junior and senior riders.

Provides entry to the sport of motorcycling riding. Its focus is on training children in the art of controlling a motorcycle. Through the tightly controlled program of activities that includes Motocross and technical “witches hat” events, the children gain the skills to become safer riders in all disciplines. Minikhana is a training ground that children pass through prior to competing in open class racing. For example, in all events, children race in maximum of four riders on the track at any one time. They must learn to stay wholly within their lanes at the starts, and they must learn the meaning of the safety flags.

The Aims of Minikhana Motorcycling are –

  • To provide an environment in which riders can learn motorcycling skills and participate in organised competition.
  • The development of riding skills and techniques is emphasised through the primary requirement of the rider to complete an event correctly before a place is awarded.
  • Skill, rather than speed, is the determining factor in many events.To provide a safe and enjoyable environment where riders with a common interest can meet and develop friendships.
  • To provide a venue where riders can legally ride under adult supervision.

The clubs Minikhana activites will be run out the Horsley Park minikhana complex.


Is a multi discipline championship dirt series involving motocross. The series will be run as a club series, requiring all riders to be members of BHJMTC assisting in keeping the cost down for both riders and the club providing an affordable fun day out for the family.

All events will be held within the greater Sydney area (including Central Coast and Blue Mountains) and up to no more that 3 hours drive from Sydney. With the exception of practice days, all events will be held on Sundays with an exception of any double header days combining two round over a weekend. The series will be contested between February and November of each year.


President – Jeff Swan

Vice President – Simon Shipton

Secretary – Carlie Roberts

Treasurer – Alicia Pitt

Sports Captain – Dave Roberts

Dirt X Co-Ordinator – Carlie Roberts

General Committee – Gavin Muffatti, Mitch Thorn, Jack Swan

Scoring & Transponders – Nicole Millard

MNSW Delegates – Jeff Swan, Brett Redman, and Carlie Roberts

Email: secretary@bhjmtc.com.au Phone Number: 0418 458 115
Address: PO Box 146, Kurmond  NSW 2757
Bank Name: National Australia Bank
Bank Account Name: Baulkham Hills Junior Motorcycle Training Club Incorporated
BSB: 082-133
Account: 03934 1531
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