Provides entry to the sport of motorcycling riding. Its focus is on training children in the art of controlling a motorcycle, rather than speed as the determining factor, racing with a maximum of four riders on the track at any one time. Through the tightly controlled program of activities that includes Motocross and technical “witches hat” events, the children gain the skills to become safer riders in all disciplines. Minikhana is a training ground that children pass through prior to competing in open class racing. For example, in all events, children race in maximum of four riders on the track at any one time. They must learn to stay wholly within their lanes at the starts, and they must learn the meaning of the safety flags.

The Aims of Minikhana Competition are;

    • To provide an environment in which riders can learn motorcycling skills and participate in organised competition.
    • The development of riding skills and techniques is emphasised through the primary requirement of the rider to complete an event correctly before a place is awarded.
    • Skill, rather than speed, is the determining factor in many events.To provide a safe and enjoyable environment where riders with a common interest can meet and develop friendships.
    • To provide a venue where riders can legally ride under adult supervision.

The clubs Minikhana activities will be run out the Horsley Park Minikhana Complex.

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Minikhana is open to all junior riders from age 4 to age 16. Riders under 7 compete as “Nippers”, in a
nonscored, non-competitive environment. BHJMTC does not offer Minikhana for senior riders.

Licence Requirements
All riders must hold a valid Motorcycling Australia Licence as follows –

All riders must hold a valid Motorcycling Australia Licence as follows –
Nippers – Mini Licence
Juniors – Mini Licence or Junior National Licence

Nippers Under 7 (non competitive)
50cc Division 1 7-u9 (non competitive)
50cc Division 2 7 – u11 A, B and C grade
Mini Wheel 80cc 7 – u10 A, B and C grade
65cc 7 – u13 A, B and C grade
85cc (small wheel only) 9 – u12 A, B and C grade
85cc (big & small wheel) 12 –u16

A, B and C grade

* Please Note – Riders age can be determined by either the age as at 1st Jan 2016 or age at event date
• Grades may be combined for competition however riders are scored in respective grade
• Ungraded riders will begin the season in the lowest grade. At the conclusion of round 3, re-grading
may occur at the discretion of the club. (Any rider who is upgraded will carry over full points up to a
maximum of equal third place in the grade they are going to).
* Please Note: Grading occurs at both a Club Level and an Interclub Level. A rider may attain a promotion
to a higher grade at a Club Level, however that has no bearing on level for Interclub. Promotion to higher
grades for the Interclub series must be obtained through results achieved at the Interclub.

As each venue has been hired by BHJMTC, all riders are required to remove and take home all rubbish on the day. Rubbish bags will be available from sign on and canteen. We want to be invited back so we want to leave each venue cleaner than we found it.

Minikhana is a family friendly environment. No foul Language will be tolerated. Please treat others how
you want to be treated.

All families are required to assist in the running of the events which may include –

• Set up of the event (usually on the previous day to the event or morning of)
• Marshalling on the day
• Canteen assistance
• Point scoring
• Pencilling
• Clean up / pack up at end of day

Standardised competition times will exist for all events as follows Canteen
Full Canteen facilities will be available at every round including BBQ breakfast & Lunch along with a supply of drinks and snacks, lollies, tea and coffee.

Sign on & scrutineering 7:15 – 8:30am
Riders Briefing 8:30am
$25 per rider

Rider numbers will be as per those allocated by BHJMTC.


Number plate’s colours for juniors will be as per the standards set out in GCR’s for Minikhana these are as follows:

– A Grade Yellow Black
– B Grade Red White
– C Grade White Black
– Demo/Nippers Green White

Every rider must be able to provide a marshal to assist on the day. Failing to provide a marshal may lead
to the rider’s exclusion from the event or forfeit of event points at the discretion of the Clerk of the Course or Steward.

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